Copiah and Jefferson counties organized the 
Copiah-Jefferson Regional Library System in 1960.

Hazlehurst: In 1948, the city library board began a fundraising drive to erect a new library building. The will of George W. Covington included $5,000 for some “worthwhile civic project”, and the executors offered this sum to the library board. The board proudly deeded the library to the city of Hazlehurst in August 1951. This was the first Mississippi public library financed entirely by public funds.
Crystal Springs: In 1943, the library was no longer a WPA library and operated on gifts and a small sum for a salary from the city. In 1958, the lot for the building was donated in memory of Mr. J.T. Biggs, Jr.
Wesson: In 1954, the library was no longer a WPA library and operated in a small room in city hall. In 1961, the new library was opened and in 1968 was renamed the Longie Dale Hamilton Library, honoring the memory of Mrs. R. L. Hamilton.
Jefferson County: The WPA ended and it was twenty years later in 1958 that volunteers restored the library. Interest increased and the library moved to larger quarters and became a part of the Copiah-Jefferson Regional Library system.
Georgetown: On April 7, 2001, the Robert W. Windom, Jr. Memorial Library opened. Named after former Mayor Robert Windom. A long list of supporters helped make this possible.