We had a great summer reading this year. We had 20 programs and nearly 1100 unique visitors to the programs. Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible including the CJRL Board of Trustees, Copiah County Board of Supervisors, Jefferson County Board of Supervisors, the cities of Hazlehurst, Wesson, Crystal Springs, Georgetown, and Fayette, Hazlehurst, Wesson, Crystal Springs, and Georgetown Friends of the Library, Pizza Hut, Fred's Dollar Store, Kannu's Restaurant, Trustmark Bank, Sue's Hair Salon, and Mona Maxwell. We would also like to thank all of our presenters who gave us some great programs: Dorian LaChance, Percy King, Dianne Butler, Smokey Bear, Hind's County Sheriff's Department, Mississippi Emergency Management Association, Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, Home Depot, the Wesson Garden Club, Wesson Friend's of the Library, city of Wesson, the Allied Health Services, and all the fire departments in our area who came out to help us.