Patron Online Acess


You can use Polaris PowerPAC to search for titles in all five of the libraries in the Copiah-Jefferson Regional Library System and all thirteen libraries in the Longleaf Library Consortium.

You can select titles from your search results and request that your library hold them for you to pick up. You will need a library card and a password to place a request. Reserved items will only be released to the card under which the request was placed.


To protect your privacy, be sure to log out when you have 
finished viewing your account.



In the upper right corner click on Polaris Online Catalog.

The 'Quick library search' is located in the middle of your screen.

1. Enter information in the Quick library search.

2. Click 'Go!'
  The "keyword search for" screen will appear...

3. Enter information in the keyword field. Select a field in the SEARCH BY box to  
    choose author, title, subject, etc.   Click 'GO!'.


      1. The search results are displayed. 

2. Click on the 'Availability' button to see information about where the item is located and its 
    availability.  When researching/requesting items, pay special attention to the item TYPE to make   
    sure you don't, for example, order an audio book instead of a printed book.

    Directly under each location listed, you will see information about the item's availability.  For 
                  0 (of 1) means that there is one copy at this location but it is unavailable  
                  1 (of 1) means that there is one copy at this location and it is available

3.  If a specific item is not available, please contact your local library to determine if the item can be  
     obtained [for free] through the Interlibrary loan service


NOTE: Requests cannot be placed if you have overdue items, fines or if you have submitted a change to your patron record.  

1. Click on 'Place Request' to request that an item be routed to you.   Please note that new books   
    and audiovisual materials are seldom loaned by other libraries.
    The following screen will appear:

    • Type your library card number from the back of your library card (all 14 digits, no spaces) into the Barcode Number box, if you are not already logged in.
    • Type your password in the Password box.
    • Click 'LOG IN'.

2. Designate where you would like to pick up your item(s) by selecting the appropriate Pickup
    Library from the drop down menu.

3. The screen will tell you if the request was placed (see image below) or it will tell you how many      requests (patrons waiting) are on the title, and then ask if you wish to continue.  If it says that 
    your account is blocked – please call the Library.

4. Log out.

Related Information

Barcodes - Your patron barcode number is assigned when you sign up a library card.
Passwords - Contact a library staff member if you need to (re)set a password.