Interlibrary Loans

If you didn’t find the material you were looking for on your last visit to your local library, don’t get discouraged. As a member of the Longleaf Consortium, all branches of the Copiah-Jefferson Regional Library (CJRL) system have access to many of the materials owned by other libraries in the group. If the material you want is owned by one of the other branches, we will try to borrow if from one of them and have it sent to the branch of your choice for pickup. This service is called Transit and is provided to our patrons free of charge.

There are times when we may have difficulty getting the material you want, especially if it is a new release by a popular author. Demand for new books is always high and the waiting lists can be long. So, the sooner you get your name on the waiting list, the better. It is also a general rule of thumb that libraries will not transfer materials that are at risk of becoming damaged during transfers. These items usually include DVDs, CDs, videos, or books in delicate condition.

If none of the libraries within the consortium have the book you want, we have the resources to search for your title at libraries throughout the state of Mississippi and beyond. This is called an Interlibrary Loan (ILL) and all branches of the Copiah-Jefferson Regional Library System offer this service. This service is provided free of charge to resident patrons with accounts having remained in good standing for the three months prior to the request. Please contact the service desk of your local library branch to place your request for either of these services. Please be aware that the process for transferring materials between library branches may take a few days to several weeks, depending on the branches involved in the transfer. You will be notified when your materials become available for pickup. We cannot guarantee that we can always get the material you need, but we will always try our best.